The experience of playing with other musicians is second to none. The Guitar Gym facilitates group guitar lessons at both our Ashgrove and Indooroopilly studios. 

These fun and friendly group guitar lessons will keep you motivated and coming back for more every week! 

Group lessons run weekly for 1 hour and can accomodate 3 to 5 musicians. 

We offer group guitar lessons for a range of ages:

Group Guitar Lessons for Adults

Group Guitar Lessons for Teenagers

Group Guitar Lessons for Primary Schoolers

We understand that life gets busy sometimes, so we are very flexible with alternative options if you cannot attend your group lesson. If you can’t make it, a 30 minute private lesson will be made available to you so you don’t fall behind your group!

Group lessons offer great value and produce great results. Group lessons are tailored to your group’s skill level and will help to develop: 

    • reading and playing both music notation and guitar tablature
    • correct technique and improvisation skills
    • aural skills
    • skills needed to play with other musicians
    • plus much more!

You’ll find group lessons will keep you easily motivated to play as your group progresses. It’s also a great way to have an open forum for discussions on technique, style and obstacles. 

Worried we may not be able to find the right group for you? Don’t worry.  We take great care to ensure that you will be placed with like minded musicians who share your skill level and interests as you. Plus, with so many members at The Guitar Gym, there’s bound to be other guitarists out there who you will be compatible with!

Connect with a community of guitar enthusiasts and coaches who will keep you motivated throughout your whole journey.

Group guitar lessons offer many benefits to your guitar playing and bring excellent results.  We take great care when allocating you to a group, ensuring that the group will be socially compatible, of the appropriate level, and also heading in the musical direction that you want to go.

Group lessons are held weekly and are 1 hour in duration with 3 to 5 people.  If you cannot attend your regular weekly appointment, a 30 minute private lesson is provided to you at your convenience so you don’t fall behind.

Contact us today to find out more about how group lessons can help you to become the guitarist you’ve always wanted to be.

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