Heather Garcia

I just forgot to mention how much Jonathan is enjoying his lessons and how much he likes the teacher that he has at the moment. Will he have the same teacher or a different one next term? Nevertheless, I am sure all the teachers you employ are good and he will continue to enjoy his lessons. He played piano for a number of years and, even though he didn’t mind it, it was a struggle to get him to practise. When he told me that he wanted to learn guitar, I told him that he could prove his commitment to learning by saving up and buying his own. If he did that, I would be more than happy to pay for his lessons, provided he was committed to practising etc. I know it is early days but he is very enthusiastic and I am so happy to see him putting his musical ability into learning an instrument he is obviously enjoying and is so practical. He has lots of friends at his youth group who all play guitar and that is also an added incentive, which is just great.

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