Guitar Lessons Brisbane

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Do you need help with your guitar playing?  If you want to be the best guitar player you can be The Guitar Gym is here to help you!

“At The Guitar Gym, we provide effective guitar coaching that offers choice, flexibility, community and opportunity.  We have a dedicated and passionate team who will help you to become the best guitarist you can be.”

Never touched a guitar and have no idea where to start?

Self-taught, but you realise your progress has slowed and you are struggling to get better?

A seasoned player that understands you can improve with the help of a coach?

A parent seeking an encouraging and engaging musical education for your child?

“Our aim is for our members to achieve optimal improvement, exceed their musical expectations, keep raising the bar and have fun along the way.”


At The Guitar Gym, you won’t just be getting guitar lessons, you will become part of a community of guitar enthusiasts and coaches who will help keep you motivated throughout your guitar playing journey.  With access to face to face lessons, online lesson resources, tailored practice schedules, our members’ forum, theory classes and workshops, you will not find greater opportunity for improvement than at The Guitar Gym.  You’ll even be able to play to a real audience, under real stage lights with a real band at our performance showcases.  Imagine rocking out onstage with an awesome backing band in front of an auditorium full of people and blowing them away with your amazing guitar playing!


Group lessons at The Guitar Gym provide a friendly, social learning environment that will help keep you motivated and engaged throughout your guitar playing journey.  Learning in a group offers you better value than private lessons and produces great results.  It’s a great experience to be in a group of musicians – progressing together, motivating each other to practice, and having fun jamming as friends.  And don’t think we won’t have the right group for you…we have a lot of members, so we probably have some great people who like the same music as you, who want to play the same music as you and who are facing the same obstacles as you, so don’t be afraid to ask!


Our private lessons will have you training 1-on-1 with a coach who will help you to set goals and lay down the path towards achieving them in the shortest possible time.  We’ll  pinpoint exactly what skills you need to develop to play the way you wish you could play.


At The Guitar Gym, you will have the opportunity to supplement your guitar training program by attending our regular weekend workshops.  Our workshops are extremely effective in providing in-depth explanations of particular topics while giving you the chance to really study and practice a particular concept or technique in the studio.  Being 1 to 2 hours in length, a workshop also offers you exceptional value.  Conducted by our team of expert coaches or visiting guest artists, workshops are presented on a multitude of topics throughout the year. Various workshops will cater to different levels and interests, so don’t fret – there will be something there for you!


We can help you prepare for music exams such as those offered by the AMEB and Trinity College London.  To date, our members have not achieved less than honours in any AMEB exam.  We also offer music theory classes to prepare for graded theory exams and we can also help with school music subjects including senior secondary music extension.  And if you’re interested in tertiary music study, we can help you too.  We have helped many people to gain entry into their preferred degree course.


Our private members’ forum is a hub where you will have the opportunity to engage and grow with The Guitar Gym community… talk about music, share your experiences and get help from our coaches and more experienced members anytime!

“At The Guitar Gym you’ll get so much MORE than just guitar lessons. You’ll gain the vision, inspiration, and determination that you need to stay motivated with your guitar playing.”

So get in touch with us to book your free, introductory lesson…come in and see what we’re all about and how we can help you become the guitarist you’ve always wanted to be.

We look forward to meeting you soon.