See what some of our members are saying about their guitar lessons…

We pride ourselves on ensuring our members gain optimal improvement from their guitar lessons.


Patrick McDermott
I have been a student at The Guitar Gym for over 7 years. During this time, my teachers technical knowledge, enthusiasm and ability have been instrumental in developing my passion for playing the guitar. The well structured lessons have made it easy for me to progress and remain motivated. I can without hesitation recommend them as a provider of guitar tuition.
Ann Dunn
I want to thank you for really providing guitar lessons with a difference. Your business ideas are great and making the learning experience fun, with groups of people to interact and share with, is what makes it so special for Alana. She loves her lessons and the gym jams and has progressed rapidly over the last year. The opportunity to join a group more than once a week helps Alana stay motivated as she does struggle with practising at home – not as much “fun” as playing with other people. The Guitar Gym has also increased her love for music in itself.
Lucas Dickson
I learnt more in 3 weeks at The Guitar Gym than in 2 years by myself. It actually sounds like I can play guitar now. My rhythm, speed and fingering techniques have improved dramatically thanks to the ways of my teacher Ben and The Guitar Gym.
Marg Henderson
I hadn’t had guitar lessons for nearly 20 years – just kept strumming the same old tunes.  Taking lessons at The Guitar Gym has changed that.  It rockets you along because you get a focus for your practice, you sort out problems and techniques, and the Gym provides great learning resources (which have really improved the way guitar is learnt e.g. handouts, video clips, backing tracks).  I can choose the style and songs I want to learn as well as discover lots of other great tunes.  I get to ask questions about anything – theory, technique, musicians etc, and it’s fun!  In 3 months I have progressed so much.
Matt Boyd
Just a quick note to say that I am really enjoying my lessons and find Julian to be a great teacher for me.  Having noodled on a guitar for 20 years and not having learnt the foundations, I insist now on being taught scales, modes, etc as I finally map the fretboard before getting ready to launch into some improvisation (rather than emulation)  Being one of those troublesome adult students, I often come to each lesson with my own ideas on how to approach a particular area, (which clearly haven’t worked for 20 years!) and Julian is very good at quickly identifying the pros and cons and quietly nudges me into a direction that not only are quickly put into context and are surprisingly easy to learn, but will pay dividends down the track.  I feel like I have come a long way since starting a month or so ago, and look forward to my lessons each week.  Thanks Julian, and thanks Guitar Gym.
Just wanted to say thanks for arranging a wonderful concert.  It is such a positive atmosphere and opportunity to get up on stage. You and the other guys are so encouraging and caring. Well done.
Helen King
I just want to say how lovely last sundays concert was.  Although it was long, the little people got to hear how they can improve with practice. The most obvious thing was how caring and supportive all the staff are of their students.  Sally is taught by Alex and is tremendous with her and the cohort. We very much appreciate it.
Racheal Higgins
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the concert yesterday.  Such a great range of music and so much talent!! It was awesome! I felt really energized after being there and inspired to learn how to play the guitar as well!! Zane and Byron were initially upset about there experience, but realized practice will help to make perfect (or almost) and more experience in that situation. They are looking forward to practicing for the next one! Thanks to all your efforts with everybody, it was great to see so much positive encouragement from you all! Good work to your support staff too! It was an awesome way to spend Sunday afternoon!
John Kenny
The Guitar Gym and The Ben is good. I’ve always had a keen interest in musical theory/guitar theory and learning about keys/scales/modes etc. has given me a greater insight into said theory. I’ve also developed better rhythmic techniques i.e. finger picking, how to build dexterity and different strumming patterns in which I am satisfied and am thoroughly enjoying learning more.
Lauren Jeffreys
I have improved timing, speed and have built strength in my fingers – even the little ones. I enjoy having Ben as my teacher, he is a good player and a convincing teacher.
Samantha Kelley
Since starting guitar lessons, I have learnt songs that I never thought I would ever play in my life. But in doing so I have developed the proper skills to play and get better at guitar.
Brian Krieger
I picked up the guitar in January 09 to fulfil an ambition which at the tender age of 15 was a passing interest because it was too hard to learn from books.  I vowed to return when I could afford music lessons.  Now at 41, John and The Guitar Gym teachers have made learning music and the practical part, playing, great fun and such a pleasure.  It’s been six months now and I’m gaining in skill, understanding and finally after all these years, can play a bit.  There is a lot more to learn and I’m looking forward to it.
Heather Garcia
I just forgot to mention how much Jonathan is enjoying his lessons and how much he likes the teacher that he has at the moment. Will he have the same teacher or a different one next term? Nevertheless, I am sure all the teachers you employ are good and he will continue to enjoy his lessons. He played piano for a number of years and, even though he didn’t mind it, it was a struggle to get him to practise. When he told me that he wanted to learn guitar, I told him that he could prove his commitment to learning by saving up and buying his own. If he did that, I would be more than happy to pay for his lessons, provided he was committed to practising etc. I know it is early days but he is very enthusiastic and I am so happy to see him putting his musical ability into learning an instrument he is obviously enjoying and is so practical. He has lots of friends at his youth group who all play guitar and that is also an added incentive, which is just great.
Gary Scott
I have been having lessons with John Freiberg at The Guitar Gym in Indooroopilly, every week for three months. His enthusiasm and professional excellence ensure that every lesson is productive and enjoyable. The structured approach he employs ensures that I build on each lesson and he tailors the rate of teaching to match my rate of progress. I am greatly enjoying this experience and am sure I will achieve my musical goals with The Guitar Gym’s help. Thanks John!
Courtney Middleton
John has been a great guitar teacher. So far I have had private lessons for 1 year and group lessons for 1 year. When I started guitar I couldn’t read any music and now I can. I have learnt so many new songs and I am looking forward to learning more. John makes learning the guitar fun and I would recommend him to anyone.
Ainsley Moncrieff
I have been a student of John Freiberg’s since October 2007, learning guitar at The Guitar Gym in Indooroopilly. I really enjoy my guitar lessons and find John’s teaching easy to understand and fun to play. I especially like the opportunity to learn some of my favourite music from Green Day and The Beatles which John has helped me to learn. In six months I have learned enough guitar chords and music to have me accepted in my school band. I hope to be learning guitar for many more years and I am happy to have John as my teacher.
Jake Pedley
I have been learning guitar with John Freiberg at The Guitar Gym for 4 years. In these 4 years I have learnt many songs and also how to write my own. I enjoy my lessons with John because they are fun and I learn things that help with school. Not long after I started guitar lessons my marks in music went from a C + to an A, as I learned to read music and understood theory a lot better.
Jack Hingley
I think John is the best teacher in the whole of guitar and guitar teaching. He will help you if you don’t understand something. He can do 1 on 1 lessons or group lessons, but I like the group lessons better because you can meet different people and learn the songs that you would like to learn. He is very helpful, funny and cooooooool!!! So if you want to learn guitar, John is the best for that.
Harry Truman
I have been taking guitar lessons with John for around a year now. My favourite things about doing the lessons are learning to play lots of different songs. I also like the fact that we all get to play in a group at the classes, which makes the songs sound even better. It’s also a great way to catch up with your friends each week, and see how each of us are progressing.
Simon Mahler
After taking lessons with John for about 8 months, my ability to play guitar has improved greatly. In our first few lessons, we discussed my goals and John corrected the bad habits that I had developed. I look forward to my lessons every week. John is an awesome teacher and I recommend him to guitarists of all levels.
Emma Grey
I have been learning guitar with John at The Guitar Gym for almost two years. In that time I have learned many songs that I love and I have even learned to read and play music – something I’ve really struggled with since primary school! John is a really fun teacher with conversation ranging from Cyndi Lauper to Borat the movie : ) I’m glad I decided to learn guitar with John because he has helped me to progress very quickly.