Do I need my own guitar?

Yes.  We have guitars at the studios however you will need something to play on at home.  If you have made the decision to learn guitar and need advice on what instrument to buy we are happy to help.  We can discuss this with you at your introductory lesson.  You should also read our article, Buying Your First Guitar.

Do you teach beginners?

Yes!  The majority of new members are beginners when we start working with them.

How old does my child need to be to start learning guitar?

There isn’t really a simple answer to this question.  In general, at 6 years of age, or when starting primary school, most children get the full benefit of lessons.  Due to the dexterity required to produce a tone on the guitar, children younger than this typically struggle with practical execution on the instrument.  However, children can begin to develop musical skills at a very young age (aural, vocal, rhythm) so we recommend an early childhood music program for young children.

Do your lessons run in ‘terms’?

No.  We do not follow the public school calendar.  Except for approximately 2 weeks over the Christmas-New Year period, we operate all year round, including public holidays.  We have many adult members to whom school holidays have no relevance. Additionally, to only offer our services throughout 75% of the year would deprive our members of progress unnecessarily.  Some courses that we offer which run for a set number of weeks may coincide with the school calendar, but general lessons are weekly on an ongoing basis.  Of course, if you wish to only attend according to your school’s calendar, you can.

Do you provide in home guitar lessons?

No. We only provide lessons in our dedicated studios.  The technology and resources that we utilise to make our services highly effective are not generally transportable.  We have previously received reports of individuals misrepresenting themselves as agents of The Guitar Gym and offering in home guitar lessons. If you are in contact with anybody claiming to be an agent of The Guitar Gym offering you lessons which are not at one of our business locations, please contact us.