The Guitar Gym Mission

“To provide developing guitar players with highly effective guitar coaching that offers choice, flexibility, community and opportunity, delivered by dedicated and passionate staff in a professional studio environment.”


Why Choose The Guitar Gym?

Founded in 2007, The Guitar Gym has established itself as a leading provider of music tuition by constantly striving to better our services.  We are always working to improve so that our members can too!  We don’t accept convention, imitate others and perpetuate the traditional music teaching model.  We think, design, test, measure and implement systems that are all aimed at maximising the improvement our members obtain. Most importantly, we listen to what our members want.



You can choose from a variety of training formats including group lessons, private lessons, guitar courses, workshops and theory classes.  You can tailor your programme by mixing and matching multiple formats to really get the most out of what we offer.



We understand life is busy and important things come up.  That’s why we are happy to to reschedule your appointments when needed, offering you alternatives to ensure you maintain consistency in your improvement.  You can also opt to substitute a lesson for a workshop that interests you.



At The Guitar Gym, you won’t just be getting guitar lessons, you will become part of a community of guitar enthusiasts and coaches who will help keep you motivated throughout your guitar playing journey.  Getting involved in an activity along with other people results in higher levels of engagement.  An added social and support network makes playing music more enjoyable and is likely to lead to you playing more.  In turn, you see better results over time.  We have a lot of members, so we probably have some great people who like the same music as you, who want to play the same music as you and who are facing the same obstacles as you.  You can network with these people on our private members’ forum and we can arrange for you to play together.



With access to face to face lessons, online lesson resources, tailored practice schedules, our members’ forum, theory classes and workshops, you will not find greater opportunity for improvement than at The Guitar Gym.  You’ll even be able to play to a real audience, under real stage lights with a real band at our performance showcases.