Drum kit and guitar sit on an empty stage before a performance.

Nail Your Rehearsal!

It’s almost rehearsal time for The Guitar Gym and Sono Music Performance Showcase. The organised

Female guitarist sits down to play an easy song, following from her tablet device.

Easy Vs Challenging

It’s fun to pick up the guitar and learn an easy song really quickly. The

Male guitarist does a finger isolation exercise
Finger Isolation Exercises For Guitar
Finger isolation exercises are a staple when it comes to guitar practice, especially here at The Guitar Gym.    These exercises are best used as a regular drill or warm-up. The primary benefits of these exercises are: Increased coordination and brain/hand communication After doing these exercises every day for a few weeks, you will notice...
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Scale Permutations For Guitar
Scale Permutations For Guitar
A scale permutation (sometimes called a “sequence”) is one of several possible ways in which a scale can be ordered or arranged. Before applying a permutation to a scale, you first have to learn your scale well enough and be able to play all the right notes and be creative enough to play the correct...
The Improviser's Dilemma Series: Permutations Of The Pentatonic Scale Using String Skipping
Linear Makeover: “why not try a perm(utation)?” The first article in Brandon’s series “The Improviser’s Dilemma“ It’s a very common occurrence for guitar players to find themselves at a standstill with their current level of playing, whether it be linear, chordal or otherwise. You might find yourself unable to move forward because of a self-made...
dynamic control for guitar players
Dynamic Control For Guitar Players: Simple Steps To Becoming A Better Musician
Dynamic control is a crucial skill for guitar players to possess, but it can often be overlooked. Dynamics refers to how loud or soft notes are played, but there can be much more to it than that. Strong dynamic control will allow you to have more engaging performances, and elevate the quality of the songs...
maximise guitar practice using metronome
Maximise Your Guitar Practice: The Metronome
Metronome practice is one of the most effective methods for improving your playing quickly, especially for technical, high tempo pieces. Unfortunately, for many of us it can also be a tedious way to practice and as a result is often overlooked or not done properly. Use these tips to maximise your metronome practice so you...
Drum kit and guitar sit on an empty stage before a performance.
Nail Your Rehearsal!
It’s almost rehearsal time for The Guitar Gym and Sono Music Performance Showcase. The organised rehearsal is an amazing opportunity to meet the rest of your band and practice playing your song in a full band context. This can be a daunting time, between meeting your bandmates for the first time and for some of...
dynamic control for guitar players
Tips For Learning Your Showcase Song
  So you’ve registered for the concert and you’ve been placed in a band with other musos, and you’ve been given the song that you’re going to play on the day. Now all you have to do is learn the song! Easy enough, right? Just to keep the pressure off, let’s have a look at...
Essential Metal Guitar Licks II
In Part II of our Essential Metal Guitar Licks series, Ryan shows you some cool string skipping licks to add to your lick library.  You can play these together with the licks in Part I. Enjoy! If you’d like to request a particular metal style lesson video, please contact us.  
guitarist performs on stage
Essential Metal Guitar Licks I
For all you aspiring metal guitarists out there, our resident metal man Ryan has some essential metal guitar licks for you in our Essential Metal Licks series.  We hope you enjoy our first video, and be sure to tune back in for more in this series. If you’d like to request a particular metal style...
dynamic control for guitar players
Pentatonic Scale Fragments II
This video follows on from part I Ryan demonstrates some simple but great sounding pentatonic phrases you can use in the fretboard zones covered in part I.
Pentatonic scale
Pentatonic Scale Fragments
Do you get stuck in your pentatonic box shapes and find it difficult to play THROUGH positions on your guitar? You’re not alone! In this video, Ryan demonstrates how you can break out of the vertical “box” positions and play the pentatonic scale horizontally through positions on the neck. Want more? Check out our video Understanding...

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