7 Steps to a Stress-Free Experience at the Guitar Gym and Sono Music Performance Showcase

7 Steps to a Stress-Free Experience at the Guitar Gym and Sono Music Performance Showcase

The most exciting event of the year is rapidly approaching. For most of the performers at The Guitar Gym and Sono Music Performance Showcase, the concert is the biggest performance of their musical year. This can lead to some pretty high levels of anxiety and adrenaline, and the worst thing for a nervous performer is an unpleasant experience getting into the venue and onto the stage. This guide will give you the information you need to get yourself on and off stage with the minimum amount of fuss. That way, you can focus on your big moment! It’s also important for parents to be informed so that you can answer questions for your children and keep them calm as well.


1: Arrive Early

Being a bit early gives you more time to deal with the logistics – where to park, how far you have to walk, things like that. The most convenient car park is the secure parking on Berwick Street, but feel free to park in your preferred Fortitude Valley location. Try to be at the venue a few minutes before “doors” so that you can be sure that your session hasn’t already been let in.


2: Don’t Try to Enter the Venue Before the Door Time

“Doors” is the time at which (ideally) the doors will be opened and you can enter the venue. If it’s before doors, don’t ask the staff if you can go inside. There is probably work going on behind the scenes that does not want to be disturbed. And all you will achieve by asking to enter is stressing out yourself and the staff at the venue.


3: Don’t Rush into the Venue

The show won’t start until everyone is inside and settled down, so there’s no reason to get stressed out while you’re waiting to get your ticket checked. The process will take as long as it’s going to take, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. We won’t start without you!


4: Put Your Instrument Away Before You Sit Down

The door to the backstage area is on the left when you enter the hall. As soon as your ticket has been checked, take your instrument backstage, find a spot for it, and then go sit down. Having your instrument with you in the seats is enormously inconvenient for both you and the people around you.


5: Wait for Your Name and/or Song to Be Called

Enjoy watching the other performers and keep an ear out for what the MC says in-between songs. When your name is called, calmly head to the backstage area and retrieve your instrument.


6: Get Ready to Play

Get out your guitar and any other equipment, including your strap and picks. A lead will already be on stage, so you don’t need to worry about that. If you have a clip-on tuner, tune your guitar, then put your tuner away. You will be organised into your song groups, and your tuning will be checked by a staff member before you go on stage. Make sure to keep quiet – talking while backstage makes life much harder for our staff and is very disrespectful to the performers on stage.


7: Get on and off Stage Smoothly and Efficiently

You will be ushered into the wings during the song before yours. When their song ends, wait out of their path so that the group before you can leave the stage unimpeded. Once they’re off, get on stage, find your amplifier if needed, and get ready to play. As soon as your song is over, unplug and leave the stage. Put your instrument back in its case, leave it backstage and go return to your seat. You can come and get it once the show’s over.


Don’t be daunted by the logistics of the concert. Sure, it’s a big event, but if everyone remains calm and follows the above steps, then it will be a smooth and enjoyable event for all involved. You’ll even find that you play better when you aren’t stressed out by getting into the venue!

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