June 2012: Makenzie Moor

Axe(s):  Black Tanglewood Electric and a Cort Semi-Acoustic

Amp and Effects:  Tanglewood Amp

Favourite Styles:  I enjoy playing country songs as well as finger picking and strumming Latin music

Influences:  My mum first picked up the guitar and suggested I should try some lessons with the Guitar Gym. After the first class, I was hooked! She influenced me to love the guitar as it is so diverse and can be  taken everywhere. My two guitar teachers Ami and Perry have also both been amazing influences to keep practicing and learning new songs!

Favourite Quote:  “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts, can be counted” – Einstein

Career Highlights:  I’ve enjoyed playing at all The Guitar Gym concerts as well as entertaining for parties and strumming away while camping.  The top highlight would be currently learning the song  – ‘Whipping Post’ cover by Geoff Achison. 

What do you love about The Guitar Gym?  I love how I can choose what style/songs I wish to learn, and I can take as long I need to learn them.  The lessons aren’t strict so it’s a fun environment to jam out!

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