The Guitar Gym is committed to helping you to achieve the best results possible, no matter what your guitar playing ambitions are.  If you are seeking guitar lessons in Brisbane, we welcome your enquiry.  We offer multiple guitar lesson formats aimed at providing you with optionsflexibility, and maximum value.

Looking for guitar lessons Brisbane?  We currently have state of the art teaching studios in Ashgrove and Indooroopilly.

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by Bronson Quick on The Guitar Gym
I wish I started lessons sooner!

I’ve been a “closet guitarist” for a while. I knew a few barre chords and could fumble my way through lots of rock songs but my technique was always lacking. I’d always skipped over learning guitar solos because it always seemed too intimidating.In less than 6 months I’ve learnt one of my favourite songs from start to finish and I’m learning a really tough song at the moment that I never thought I’d be able to play.My teacher Matt is fabulous! I really love how passionate the teachers at The Guitar Gym are!For anyone who is wondering the songs I’ve been working on are Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge and Avenged Sevenfold – Hail To The King. I’d highly recommend people learn Hail To The King if they are into heavier music because that song has so many guitar techniques in it. I’m glad I chose it as a song to learn!

by Wayne Jater on The Guitar Gym

I have tried a few private lessons with so called instructors and music schools and ended up very frustrated.I have now been with the Guitar Gym for 5 months and can not believe the difference in teaching ability and how much I have learnt, my instructor Matt has so much to offer and is so keen that its exciting to practice and keep moving forward.Highly recommend the Guitar Gym what ever level you’re at.

by Neville Coward on The Guitar Gym
Highly Recommended

Started with Guitar Gym Ashgrove in January 2016. As a beginner and a late starter, taking an hour lesson each week is just perfect as we get to cover quite a bit and really work on some of the more difficult aspects. Ben is a great coach, skilled and patient and keeps things relaxed – and we have some good laughs along the way. I highly recommend Guitar Gym Ashgrove to anyone.