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Registration is compulsory if you wish to perform.

  • Please be as accurate as possible. We rely on this information to estimate seats needed for each session. In previous years, sessions have oversold/undersold because people brought more/less people in their party.
  • Photography/videography is permitted at this event. By participating in this event, I agree that I or my child may be filmed or photographed by audience members and/or The Guitar Gym. I hereby authorize any images or video footage taken of me or my child (under 18 years of age), in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other images and video footage, to be displayed on The Guitar Gym and/or Sono School Of Music Website and other official channels, and to be used for media purposes including promotional presentations and marketing campaigns. The Guitar Gym does not record video or audio of works without the express consent of the copyright owner.
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    If self-registering, or registering a single child, use Performer 1 fields. If you need to register more than 1 family member, complete details in Performer 2-3 fields. PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT MULTIPLE REGISTRATION FORMS FOR INDIVIDUAL FAMILY MEMBERS.
  • Contact us if you have more than 3 family members to register.
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