April 2009: Dan Evans


Epiphone Les Paul

Amp and Effects: Roland Cube

Favourite Styles: Blues, Alternate Rock

Influences: BB King, Johnny Greenwood, Danny Gatton, John Freiberg (thanks Dan!)

Favourite Quote:

“Put ALL your eggs in ONE basket” – John Freiberg

Career Highlights: Being awarded The Guitar Gym’s April 2009 Student Of The Month.

Out of close to 500 students, Dan Evans has without doubt improved at a greater rate than any student John Freiberg has ever had.  Dan has been playing the guitar for just 5 short months and his results are “ridiculously out of this world”.  He is completely focused and committed to his playing, waking at 5.30am every morning without fail to train for not less than 1.5 hours before school – and he backs this up with another 1.5 hours each afternoon.

Dan is on the fast track to virtuosity – look out for this guy in the near future!

Note: Dan is pictured here in The Guitar Gym just absolutely ripping it up!  Sorry about the blurred fingers – no super speed shutter!!!


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