The Guitar Gym Showcase

Event Details 

When: 28th July, from 9:00am to 5:00pm (sessions will be confirmed once registrations are finalised) 

Where: Ron Hurley Theatre, 28 Tallowwood St, Seven Hills QLD 4170

Session List / Programme HERE

Tickets HERE

Important Information

  • The event is open exclusively to current members of The Guitar Gym who are participating in guitar, bass or ukulele lessons.

  • We will have multiple sessions, and once registrations are finalised, will be posted at the link above.

  • Due to scheduling constraints, we cannot accommodate requests for specific session times. Please ensure your availability from 9:00am to 5:00pm on the event day.

  • Attendees must purchase a ticket for entry ($15). Ticket sales will open once the session schedule is finalised. The link to purchase tickets will be posted at the link above.

  • Please read the FAQs below for more details.

Event FAQs

When and where is the guitar showcase taking place?
The guitar showcase will be held on 28th July at the Ron Hurley Theatre, located at 28 Tallowwood St, Seven Hills QLD 4170.

What time does the event start and end?
The event will run between the hours of 9am to 5pm. There will be 4 x 90 minute sessions that will be confirmed once registrations are finalised. Due to the nature of the event, we cannot take requests to move sessions, please make sure you have the whole day free.

What will I perform?
Your coach will arrange a suitable song for you. Due to time constraints, there won’t be complete freedom on song choice, but your coach will ensure it’s a piece that highlights your skills.

Will there be drums available for my performance?
No, drums will not be available. You can use backing tracks or perform with guitar(s) only.

Will there be microphones for vocal performances?
Yes, there will be one or two vocal microphones available if you wish to sing during your performance.

Will I be playing solo or in a group?
Your coach will arrange a mixture of small group and solo performances. Due to the session’s duration and the number of performers, there are specific time limits. Your coach will provide guidance on the allotted time based on these factors, so please follow their lead on what they deem suitable.

Can I play with another performer whom I know is registering for the event?
It isn’t likely, unless you have the same coach. We will not be mixing performers between different coaches, to help us plan sessions effectively. Exceptions may be made for family members, and these will be noted from the registration information.

Where should I get my backing tracks from?
Backing tracks should be sourced from karaoke-version.com. We highly recommend the use of these if you are planning to perform with a backing track. The ‘guitar backing’ option costs $1.99 and contains four versions – Version with vocals, Version without vocals, Full version and Guitar only. These can be used for home practice so you can be well prepared for your song(s). For licensing reasons (and practicality) we will purchase your song for use on the day, you do not have to supply it to us beforehand.

Are there any restrictions on the backing tracks used?
Yes, there will be time restrictions in some cases, your coach will arrange this if necessary. Also, be aware that if there are expletives in the track, we will not be able to include the vocal part in the track during your performance.

What do I need to do upon arrival if I am performing?
A: Upon arrival, you will be asked to place your guitar off stage. You can then find your seat and enjoy the show until you are called up to perform.

What happens after my performance?
A:  Once performers have finished their song(s), they will return their instruments to the side stage and find their seat again to enjoy and support the remaining performances.

How can I purchase tickets for the event?
Tickets will be available once sessions are finalised, usually around two weeks before the event. They can be purchased from trybooking.com and a link will be posted at the top of this page once they are available.

Is there an age restriction for attendees?
The event is open to all ages. However, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

What should I bring to the event?
Please bring your ticket (printed or digital) and your guitar if you are performing. Photography is allowed (and encouraged). Please refrain from bringing food or beverages as they are not permitted at the venue. There is a cafe located 400m away from the venue.

Is parking available at the venue?
Yes, there is ample parking available at the venue. Parking is free for all attendees and performers.

Is the venue accessible for people with disabilities?
Yes, the venue is fully accessible. Disability access features include:

  • an accessible toilet (wheelchair accessible)
  • two accessible car parking spaces
  • continuous accessible path of travel from car park
  • four designated wheelchair seating spaces in the Ron Hurley Theatre (please contact us if you require one of these)

What are the safety and conduct guidelines for the event?
We expect all attendees and performers to adhere to respectful and courteous behaviour.