July 2012: Chris Hanson


Axe(s):  Gibson SG (60s Tribute)

Amp and Effects:  Marshall, Cornford, Cube, Roland

Favourite Styles:  Rock, Acoustic, Metal, Alternative  

Influences:  Slash, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Van Halen, Jonny Buckland, Roy Buchanan, José González, Gerry Rafferty, Pete Murray

Favourite Quote:  “Being a rockstar is the intersection of who you are and who you want to be.”  ? Slash

Career Highlights:  Guitar Gym concerts, school concerts / events

What do you love about The Guitar Gym?  Guitar Gym has the best teachers and students to have great lessons with and have as much fun as possible!  I’ve been able to learn heaps of songs I’ve always wanted to be able to play, and it feels awesome!

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