This information is relevant only to members in 60 minute group programs.

If you cannot attend your regular group session, we offer a 30 minute private appointment as a substitute.  The “reschedule” option in the booking system will only allow you to reschedule to another group session, which is not appropriate.

Please follow these steps:

1.  Login to the appointment system.  You are already an existing user as we have entered your recurring appointments for you.  Use the email address provided to us at registration and the password you should have generated.

2.  Scroll over you name and click “My Appointments.”

3.  Find the upcoming appointment you cannot attend and click “Cancel Appointment.”

4.  Click the “Schedule” tab and select 30min PRIVATE and your preferred coach.  Click NEXT.

5.  Select your desired appointment time from those that are available.  Click “Book Now”.

Note: If you cannot find a convenient time with the selected coach, go back and try with another coach.  If you cannot find a time and do not book another lesson, we’ll simply add the credit to your profile.  You can use it at a later date or for a workshop.

It’s that easy!