Workshop: Introduction To Barre Chords

barre chords

“Introduction To Barre Chords”

Saturday August 8, 3:30pm – 5pm

@ The Guitar Gym Ashgrove

Hosted by Lucas Fisher

Barre chords are probably one of the most intimidating things for beginner and intermediate guitar players. Compared to open chords, they are more physically demanding, but open up a whole range of new chords, new sounds and new ways to explore the neck of the guitar.  This workshop will completely demystify barre chords by breaking them down into their most basic elements, and will give you the tools to apply barre chords anywhere on the fretboard. You’ll learn which shapes to use and how to find where they belong on the neck.  All you need to bring is your guitar and an open mind regarding this amazingly versatile technique.


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Visitors Welcome.