Workshop: Introduction To Slide Guitar

Slide Guitar Workshop Series

Slide Guitar Workshop

“Introduction To Slide Guitar”

Saturday July 18, 3:30pm – 5pm

@ The Guitar Gym Indooroopilly

Hosted by Matt “Blues Hound” Beagley

Slide guitar is a whole new world of guitar playing. It is a staple of blues, folk and country music and its applications are only limited by what you are willing to do with it. In this workshop you will be introduced to the slide and given the first steps to learning how it works and how to start developing your skills effectively. You will come out having learnt effective pressure, string muting, and vibrato, as well as hopefully a few little tricks to start playing right away.

After this workshop we hope you will have an interest in the slide as we will have only just begun to explore its possibilities.

You are encouraged to bring your own slide as we will only have a few spare slides.


Please contact us to reserve your spot.


Visitors Welcome.

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