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Everything you need to know about our upcoming Performance Showcase is below!

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Rehearsal Schedule is HERE 

Session List is HERE (Refer to this to ensure you are purchasing tickets for the correct session!)


A reminder that performers also require a ticket so please include them when booking.

For Friday Tickets HERE

For Saturday Tickets HERE 



Friday evening August 5th.

Doors 7pm for a 7:30pm start. Approximate finish time 10:00pm.

Saturday August 6th.

Session 1 (YELLOW)

Doors 9:30am for a 10am start.

Session 2 (BLUE)

Doors 11:30 for a 12:00pm start.

Session 3 (RED)

Doors 1:30pm for 2pm start.

Session 4 (GREEN)

Doors 3:30pm for 4pm start. Concludes approximately 5:30pm.

The Judith Wright Centre For Contemporary Arts
420 Brunswick St (Cnr Berwick St)
Fortitude Valley

Find parking and transport information here .

We would highly recommend taking public transport if practical to do so.

Brunswick Street Train Station is a short walk to the venue.


  • Tickets will go on sale July 11th at
  • Purchase tickets at the links below.



  • Sessions are separately ticketed with allocated seating.  Refer to the Session List so you know which session to purchase tickets for.  PERFORMERS REQUIRE A TICKET.  Note: If you are performing in more than 1 session on the Saturday, purchase tickets only for the 1st session you/your family are performing in.  Then, contact us to advise the number of complimentary tickets you need for any subsequent sessions you are performing in.  If you wish to perform both Friday and Saturday, you will need to purchase tickets for both days.
  • The venue requires all guests including performers to have a ticket.  As performers form part of the audience when not on stage, they require a ticket.
  • If you have a child under 6, while admission is free, a complimentary ticket is required.
  • PLEASE PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE as early as you can. We rely on accurate estimates of attendees provided at registration when planning sessions, however there is a risk sessions will over sell. Tickets are NOT available on the day from the venue.

Ticket prices are:

Tickets must be purchased for performers too!

Cabaret Table Reserved – 4 people (Friday show only): $100 per table

Cabaret Table Single Seat (Friday show only): $29

Single Ticket: $19

Child (5 & under): FREE, ticket still required.


We appreciate your cooperation to help us make the event run as smoothly as possible on the day.  Please arrive on time for doors in the session you are playing. Guests, including performers, will not be permitted to enter the auditorium prior to doors.  We are busy until this time with set up and sound check.  Upon entering the performance space, performers are to place their instruments to the side of the stage as directed by staff and immediately find their seat in the audience.  If performers wish to warm up they should do so at home as there will be no opportunity for this on the day.  Latecomers will only be admitted in between acts.  Please respect the instructions given by the ushers.

Performers will be called to the side of the stage a few acts in advance.  When called, please move promptly to the designated area, remain silent and follow directions given by staff.  Once your performance is finished, absorb your applause and immediately return to your seat in the audience.

A substantial and encouraging audience is critical to the performers’ positive experience at the event, so we do appreciate that you stay for the duration of the session and help create the atmosphere we strive for.  While we prefer that people stay for the duration of a session, we appreciate it is not always possible with small children who can become distressed.  If you choose to leave before the end of a session, please do so only between acts so as not to disturb the performance.


Which session am I playing in?  You will receive a copy of the program when it is finalised, which should be by early July.  You will see which session you are in by referring to the program.

Can I request a particular session?


We are not able to grant requests to perform in one session or another.  Not because we don’t want to, but because it’s an added variable that literally creates impossible situations. The logistics of organising sessions are complex enough as it is!  If you have registered, it is assumed you have made yourself available for the day without restriction.

Can I perform in more than 1 act?

Bass players, drummers and pianists, might be invited to be in more than one act to complete a band.  Anyone wishing to perform in more than 1 act may be required for multiple sessions in which case we will arrange your complimentary tickets for any additional sessions to your primary performance.

What time am I playing?  We cannot answer this question, and it isn’t relevant.  You should arrive in time for DOORS for your allocated session.

Do performers need to purchase a ticket?  YES.  This is because a) it’s allocated seating and they need one as they will be in the audience when not performing; and b) it is fairer this way and it keeps overall ticket prices down.  In previous years, many performers did not bring guests and therefore did not help to contribute to the cost of the event yet benefitted from participating in it. Ticket revenue merely subsidises the event to make it possible. This event costs money, it doesn’t make money. Thank you to our clients who appreciate the massive amount of work and expense that goes into organising this event to benefit them, it is our pleasure.

Is it ok if I am late?  Please try to arrive on time for doors.  Admitting guests into the performance space during the show is disruptive and discourteous to performers.  You also risk missing your performance entirely.

What do I need to bring?  Guitarists:  Only your guitar.  Please ensure it is in tune.  Parents of young children with generic nylon string guitars please note that we normally arrange for enough identical guitars to be at the venue for use.  This saves us needing to tune a large number of instruments.  A staff member will be off stage to tune instruments for children.

Pianists:  Only your sheet music if you need it.  Better that you can perform a piece from memory though.

Drummers: Sticks

Can I bring my own amp and effects?  No.  Ensure you discuss effects needs with your teacher in your lessons.  There will be basic effects provided.

Are there rehearsals?  Yes, but only for those that need them.  Typically, rehearsals occur on the weekends leading up to the main event.  You will receive details about your rehearsal at the earliest possible time. Rehearsals are not charged for.

What is my child playing?  Please speak to the teacher.  In the months leading up to the concert we co-ordinate a spreadsheet of repertoire and who is playing what.  Until registrations close we cannot finalise the programme, however your child should have selected or been assigned a piece by October.

Media Release.  Our media release is in place as we cannot possibly prevent members of the audience from taking photos or video on the day.  However, if you do not wish to have images of you or your child used by us on the website or for other advertising means please just let us know!

Important Dates

Friday May 20 or before – Registration Opens

Friday, June 3 – Registration Closes. LATE REGISTRATIONS NOT ACCEPTED. Places for some instruments, particularly vocals, will book out prior to closure.

Period June 3 to mid June.  Band groupings and song selection (the part where we really start to lose our hair!)

Saturdays and Sundays July 23, 24 and July 30, 31 – Rehearsals

Monday July 11th – Tickets go on sale

Friday August 5 and Saturday August 6 – PERFORMANCE

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